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Welcome to the Illabunda website

Illabunda is a unique residential housing project which brings
ecologically sustainable living into urban Sydney

Illabunda is a 5 acre property located in Winston Hills, near Parramatta.  It is within walking distance of primary and secondary schools, shops and the new bus transitway into Parramatta.  By car it is only minutes from the M2, M4 and M7 motorways and from the Parramatta CBD. 

Set on One Tree Hill looking out over Parramatta, Illabunda is a part of, yet set apart from, the surrounding urban landscape.  With half of its 5 acres dedicated as green community space, Illabunda provides an oasis of peace and tranquillity amidst the bustle of modern urban life.   

The Illabunda project seeks to achieve a balance between the demands of modern living and a sustainable lifestyle with features including:

Aerial view of Illabunda..
Site Plan
                    • Intentional community focussed design
                    • All dwellings centred around the Village Green
                    • Low energy use, passive solar designed homes amidst community spaces
                    • Extensive views and vistas
                    • Community gardens for organic food production
                    • Regenerating native forest
                    • Onsite rainwater harvesting and stormwater treatment and re-use
                    • Onsite energy production

Illabunda seeks to be a model of an eco-village as far is possible given the limitations of the size and topography of its site.   Illabunda also seeks to be a model for the transition to low energy living in an urban environment. Follow the link for a description of an ecovillage and a transition town from the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Click on image for full size version, or download the site plan and brochure (4mb).

Last updated: 6th May 2015

Caring for people, caring for the environment