Sustainability forms the core of what we strive towards at Illabunda

The Cook family have been stewards of the Illabunda site for over 50 years, caring for its unique features and enhancing its environmental values. The vision for the future of Illabunda is to create a space for use as residential housing in a manner that is socially, and environmentally sustainable. In doing so, we hope to create a successful community project that will be delightful to live in and provide a model for sustainable development in urban Sydney.

Social Sustainability is ...

the development of a safe and caring village-style living environment. The development design and community structure provides opportunities for social interaction.

Environmental Sustainability is ...

Protecting and Enhancing the resources and natural environment of the illabunda site. We will endeavour to

"Meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs"

The design for Illabunda retains a strong connection to the natural and cultural environments. Residential grid energy requirements will be minimised through efficient, passive solar design of the houses, efficient appliances and lifestyle choices, and through onsite solar energy production. Partial water cycle management will be applied to the development including harvesting of rainwater for potable water use and treating waste-water for re-use.

Waste materials will be recycled on site as far as possible through a composting and recycling system.